Kids Planet is committed to provide much more than mere transmission of information and skills acquired through compartmentalized syllabi. True education begins with knowing and understanding the child. At Kids Planet we focus on overall development of child i.e. Body, Mind and Soul; that helps create compassionate world citizens.

Social environment plays a vital role in molding child’s future. Therefore the environment at Kids Planet is defined by creating a culture that permits learners to express his/her self and provide stimuli for aesthetic development of senses to focus on extra-curricular activities along with intellect. A positive environment helps to build enduring relationships with themselves and the world around them.

Free of judgment and conformity, Kids Planet recognizes each child as an individual being with her own special set of strengths and talents. This process best begins with knowing the worth of others and one’s own limitless abilities to learn and to achieve; and not with standardized achievement or of comparison with others.  At Kids Planet children have the freedom and independence to explore, to experiment and to discover during their learning process. It helps develop a character that learns with dignity and self-worth, for oneself and for the world.

The Curriculum

Kids Planet Preschool Curriculum revolves around nature where real situation leads to real learning. It consists of 5 underlying thematic units. All units encompass five trans-disciplinary content learning areas: (1) Language Arts; (2) Socio-Emotional Skills; (3) Numeracy; (4) Creative and Visual Arts; (5) Fine and Gross Motor Skills. The curriculum is based on proven and peer reviewed concepts that include play, inquiry and objective based learning styles.

The objectives of the curriculum which are designed to cultivate critical thinking, raise self-awareness, promote an understanding of other cultures and encourage internationalism and multilingualism.


Kids Planet takes the prevailing view that the first few years of a child’s life provide a vital opportunity for development. Kids Planet involves family and parents wherever possible in understanding and facilitating the objectives of the organization.


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